Comfort in every touch

We believe a comfortable experience of the phone far outweighs a cool appearance or an extremely slim body. The smooth transition between the metal frame and glass screen, the streamline edges, and the considerate curved back cover - every detail is designed to be just perfect, and for your best experience.

A fitting arc
and a comfortable feel

In our concept, a handheld device should, above all, provides a comfort of use to cater to a long-term service. So we analyzed every detail on the phone, from single-hand holding to two-hand holding and from the finger tips to the palm, and try to take everything into consideration. The rounded edges, curved back cover, refined frame, and every other part of the phone join together to form a delicate whole with endowed comfort of touch.

Precise frame design

Z1 uses an aircraft aluminum frame from 16 CNC processes and 209 procedures, with the processing precision up to ±0.03 mm. The frame is reinforced by nanofilm in-mold injection molding technology and has a delicate touch thanks to the complex sand blasting process.

16 CNC processes
209 procedures
±0.03 mm precision

The Same Material, But Different Processes

Z1 is available in two models. One has the high-precision multi-layer coating, and the other has faux anode coating. The bright white color makes you tune into the fashion world, while the space gray color will make you cooler and more mysterious.

Start being simple from one button

Z1 combines the Home, Back and Multi-task keys of a traditional Android phone into one. All operations start from here. Its versatility frees you of the tedious steps in the past. We call the key U-Touch.

Larger Battery
Make every bit count

Z1 is too thin to hold the traditional 4,100 mAh battery, so we adopts the third generation super-density Stack & Folding structured battery to make full use of the space. With the close-fitting curved back cover, we ensure the high battery capacity and the slim phone body. Thanks to the clever design, we can serve you longer.

12 hours of Internet surfing
15 hours of video playing

Reversible and convenient

Z1 uses the new USB 3.0 Type-C port with its transmission speed 10 times faster than the traditional USB2.0. The USB plug is reversible. You can connect it to the phone in whichever way you want.